Fabius Bile

I have finally got round to painting the New Fabius Bile model. He has been a bit of a favourite of mine since the Mark Gibbons artwork (posted at the bottom of this article).

I wanted to achieve a contrast on this model between Fabius’ skin coat, and his own actual flesh. He is so riddled with the Blight, that I wanted his flesh coat to have a more vibrant skin colour than his living flesh.  It’s a great new model and a lot of fun to paint. I would have liked some faces on his skin coat, but that’s my one and only small gripe!

Click for larger image.

Magnus the Red (30K Edition!)

During the most recent lock down due to COVid-19, I have taken to painting up miniatures I have had for ages, but not got round to it. One of which was the 30K version of everyone’s favourite Primarch, Magnus the Red.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this model. For a start it is excellently sculpted, and the pose is suitably dynamic, and lets be honest, it’s Magnus, so he is brilliant.

However I hate painting resin, even Forge World’s very high quality resin has been spoilt by just how good Citadel plastic miniatures are. Some of the details on resin figures just don’t come out well in the production process (specifically the very fine detail), and it’s kind of infuriating because it makes painting certain elements of it a chore.

Still, the best Primarch ever has yet another space in my display cabinet!