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Harlequin Death Jester

Painted up the old metal Harlequin Death Jester to go alongside the Shadowseer I did a few weeks back. Still amazing sculpts these.

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Scarab Occult Terminators

I have painted up a second squad of Scarab Occult Terminators for my Thousand Sons army.

As with most projects these days, I built these models before painting them, and if I am honest, this was a mistake. They are such highly detailed models, especially when it comes to painting the helms, that they have suffered a bit. I am not saying they look awful, just not happy with them in bits.

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Harlequin Shadowseer

Games Workshop recently put some classic Harlequins up for sale, and I immediately ordered them. They actually arrived super quick, so I decided to make a start on them by painting up the Shadowseer.

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Word Bearers Dark Apostle

No Word Bearers force is complete without it’s spiritual compass that is a Dark Apostle. And the new set kicks ass, so it was high time I got round to paint one!

Click for larger image.

I actually enjoyed painting the cultists he drags along with him more than I did the Apostle, still an amazing mini though.

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Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines

This is the second, of three, small Chaos Space Marine squad for my Word Bearers. I have tried to keep up with the balance of quality and quantity with these guys. So have built them before painting them, and tried not to worry that they aren’t “as good as I can get them”.

Quick “boy band” pic with them on a white background! 😀

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Word Bearers Greater Possessed

I recently finished a Greater Possessed for my Word Bearers. I am quite keen to make an army with a lot of Possessed marines in my army, but there are rumours flying about of a new box set for them, so holding off with the current models just in case!

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Word Bearers Chaos Terminators

I had a minor collision with another car  just before xmas (he smashed into me!), which knackered my back and hand a little (and my car), so I haven’t been able to paint much at all. I have however managed to finish off a squad of terminators when I have managed to work through it.

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Da Red Gobba and Bounca!

I like Christmas, I like gobbos, and I like Squigs.

This may be the perfect model?

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Plague Bearers Complete

I have completed my Plague Bearers, much quicker than I thought I would. Once I was happy with the scheme for them, I managed to get them finished up pretty quickly.

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I have finished the first five Plaguebearers for my Maggotkin army. I tend to stick with the mortal side of models for my army, but I need some daemons for summoning.

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