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Ogroid Myrmidon

I have recently finished the fantastic Ogroid Myrmidon. Every now and then a model comes along that I know I have to paint. And this is one such model.

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Cypher Lords

I have finished my Cypher Lords. Just in time for a campaign.

Click for larger image.


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Cypher Lords – Thrall Master

Leader of my Cypher Lords complete. Well, kind of. I tried something new with the purple gems to speed it up and it hasn’t worked. So will return to those at a later date. Otherwise happy with him.

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Untamed Beasts – Heart Eater

I have been painting the Heart Eater from the Untamed Beasts. All of the Warcry models are amazing, and I had to take the opportunity to “quickly” paint one up!
Back to the Thousand Sons now. And by Thousand Sons I obviously mean Tzaangors!
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