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Work continues, not that happy with his headdress, but it tough painting a big model that has already been built.

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More progress. Can’t decide if I want to fill the tattoo areas with the green glow or not.

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Contemptor Daemon Prince WIP – 1

Managed to get a little bit of this chap painted. Just working through the colour palette for him at the moment, some of his skin is likely to be fleshy coloured, as I always like there to be a hint in there that this used to be a man.

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Daemon Prince conversion part 2

Nearly at the undercoating stage with this guy. Have some areas to tidy up, but he is coming along nicely!

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Thousand Sons Daemon Prince Conversion

I have recently been working on my Daemon Prince conversion.

Click for larger image.

Given how few new miniatures Thousand Sons got (compared to Death Guard), I have been using it as an excuse to explore some more ideas for them. I knew I wanted to use the Psychic Contemptor Dreadnoughts in my army, and I use them as Daemon Princes (the size of the minis, and the in game rules don’t very massively!). I also wanted to show the sliding scale of corruption. So the Osiron dread has been left as is, just a few little bits added, and a nice blue paint job.

I also have a plan to make a middle ground Contemptor Dreadnought, in which some mutation is showing through, but not quite as much as the one I am working on now.

It’s early days yet for it, and I have only done tiny bits of green stuff work and converting, but I am really enjoying it!

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Tzaangor Shaman

Another Tzaangor completed. That’s now 6/80 gors done! Slowly adding to the pile!

As an aside I tried to take a little more time on this chap. Not a crazy amount of time, but I paid some attention to his gems and the potion on his belt. It’s still a gaming piece so nothing mental.

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Magnus the Red – White Dwarf’s model of the month!

Whenever I get any of my miniatures in White Dwarf it’s always awesome, but this month my Magnus the Red has not only been featured but is also the Model of the month!

Click for bigger picture.

Here is some higher quality pictures for better scrutiny!

Click for larger image.

It honestly never gets old seeing my stuff in the Dwarf, 15 year old me wouldn’t believe it if I could go back in time and let him know! 😀



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5 of 80 Tzaangors Complete!

So, this is the first of the 80 Tzaangors I need to get painted for my Thousand Sons army.

Click for larger image.

The plan is to paint five of these guys up “Quickly” and then treat myself to something else. This could be something else to do with my Thousand Sons, or something totally different. Just trying to make sure I don’t suffer from Tzaangor-fatigue!

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Tzaangor Test Mini

So, I am determined this year to “finish” my Thousand Sons army. They are my favourite flavour of Space Marine, but I don’t have a fully painted force of them.

With this in mind I have recently finished a test model for Tzaangors. I have approximately 80 or so Tzaangors to paint, and I needed a scheme that wouldn’t take forever, but wouldn’t look too shabby up close.  Pretty happy with the results. The highlights aren’t as crisp as they could be, but I have two Shamans in my force, so I can spend some quality time on those!

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Thousand Sons Dreadnought in White Dwarf

Pleasantly surprised to see my Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnought in this month’s issue of White Dwarf.

Original pic!

It’s always pretty amazing when I am lucky enough to get my minis in this magazine, it will never ever get old to me. I am very lucky.

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