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Sylas Beastbane

As with the other store anniversary model, I had only a day to paint Sylas Beastbane, so the focus here was on the minotaur head and his Sylas’ face.

Pretty happy with how he turned out all things considered! 😀

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NMM Stormcast Eternal using Contrast Paints

Finished the NMM Stormcast Eternal in time for the Contrast paint launch tomorrow!
I have really phoned in some parts of him, his weapon is conveniently pointing face down, so I could get away with being a little more relaxed with the painting.
Once again, thanks to hobby god Darren Latham for the guide and the encouragement!
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Non Metallic Metal – Stormcast Eternal

I recently painted a Stormcast Eternal in non metallic metal.

This is a time consuming technique which is difficult to master. I am no master of it, but it’s always fun to try new things!

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