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The Starblood Stalkers

I have finished the Starblood Stalkers.

Click for larger image.


Truth is, this lot have been on my desk in a near finished state for ages, but between the heat and my new job, painting time has been limited. Last night I decided to finish their bases off and clear them off the painting table.

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Dark Eldar Haemonculus

I have finished the generic Haemonculus for my Dark Eldar.

This is a gaming piece, so to stop myself going to far down the rabbit hole with the paint job I did two things.

  1. I completely built the model before I painted it. It made the process trickier, but it turned out okay.
  2. I gave myself a day to paint it. I tried this recently with two miniatures, and I was happy with the result, so decided to stick with it.


I have Urien Rakarth for my army, but the fact that he is a resin model fills me with sadness. 🙁

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Talos Pain Engine

I’m still pressed for time when it comes to painting, I have a lot going on that takes my attention away from the hobby. However, I have had this pain Engine in a half complete state for a while, and I managed to get it finished this morning.

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Dark Eldar Wracks

I have had very little time to paint recently, but I have had a half finished unit of Wracks sat on my table for a while now, so decided to get them finished.

Click for larger image.
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Sylas Beastbane

As with the other store anniversary model, I had only a day to paint Sylas Beastbane, so the focus here was on the minotaur head and his Sylas’ face.

Pretty happy with how he turned out all things considered! 😀

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Kamoteph the Crooked

The new Warhammer store anniversary models are out this week in the UK,  and I have managed to paint them up. I only had a day to paint each one, so I decided to do a quick job in the most part, and focus on a specific thing to make “look good”.

With Kamoteph I chose his staff of light! 😀

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Vellas von Faine

I have recently completed Vellas von Faine. Two more awesome vampires to paint from the Crimson Court warband.

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Home Brew Chapter – Sons of the Raven

I have been working on a few miniatures recently, with a view to designing my own chapter.  And this is one such mini.

Briefly, the idea behind the chapter is that it is a Raven Guard successor chapter, and it was all but wiped out. With the arrival of the Primaris marines, the Chapter has a shot at survival. However things haven’t quite gone to plan, as many of the wargear and resources have not made it to their home world, and the Raven Guard have a history of unstable geneseed….


I am not 100% certain on the name. I chose sons of the Raven because they were allegedly wiped out, and I like the idea. But I was tempted with “Sons of the Crow”. Anyway. the basic thoughts are bumbling about in my brain.

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Dark Eldar Kabalites

I love Dark Eldar, and I have recently been painting up some Kabalite warriors to go in my army. If it weren’t for some dastardly vampires, I would still be painting Dark ELdar!

Click for larger image.
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Khagra’s Ravagers

I have finished off Khagra’s Ravagers. These are all great models, but, I really just painted these up because I like the Sorcerer model!

Click for larger picture.
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