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Third “Quick” Blight King

Another Blight King done. These models are amazing to paint. I am speeding through them (for me anyway – I am a super slow painter), but they are a genuine joy to paint!

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Second “Quick” Blight King

Another quick Blight King. Painted this a few days ago but only just getting round to taking a few pics. Really awesome models these, not personally keen on this guys head, but doesn’t take anything away from a great miniature.

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First “Quick” Blight King

This is the first of my quick Blight Kings to be completed. I am trying to rush through these a little. They are a joy to paint, but I am trying to get them finished at a faster pace as they are gaming pieces.

I still intend on spending some time on the characters, especially the Lord of Blights.

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Lord of Plagues

Quick Lord of Plagues I have been working on recently. Need to finish the base (as always) and add some goo, but other than that jobs a good un.

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