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Cawdor Headsman

I have very quickly painted up the Cawdor Headsman. Love this model. Some of the detail was a little ropey on my version, but it’s a great miniature.

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Cawdor Ganger

I have finished my first House Cawdor ganger. This has been a real joy to paint.

I may still return to this guy. I am not totally happy with the guys’ eyes. I wanted to paint them as having just pin pricks of light, but I am not sure it has worked.

I am also not 100% on the bottle. I just need to take some time away from it and see how I feel.

Great mini though!

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Cawdor Ganger WIP – Two

Still working on this guy, taking my time with him, as the heat. whilst cooler, still makes it annoying to paint.

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Cawdor ganger WIP -One

Been looking forward to painting the new Cawdor stuff, even before it was released. This was my gang from when I was a teenager, and I can’t wait to give them a modern paint job! 😀

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