Dungeons and Dragons – Halloween Special!

We managed to get a Halloween special done for the DnD podcast. Here is the first part of it!

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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign episodes 5, 6,7 and 8

We are back with four new episodes of our ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

I’ll be honest with you, none of us are any good at this game still, but we have a lot of fun making it.

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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign – Episode 2 and 3 and 4

I have broken the latest adventure down into three different podcasts. This is for two reasons, the first is that it’s easier for me to edit it and get it out to people, the second is that it isn’t some monolithic four hour DnD marathon!

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Golden Throne’s guide to paint Ultramarine Power Armour

Hello guys, I have a new guide about painting Ultramarine power armour. Hope it helps!

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A new Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Golden Throne has a brand new Dungeons and Dragons podcast!

Join Ben, Chris, Dan, GC, and Mike on a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure.

Chris – DM

Ben – Dwarf Warrior
Dan – Dragonborn Death Cleric
GC – Human Warrior
Mike – Tiefling Sorcerer (and villain).

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Golden Throne’s Painting Guide for Marble

Hello guys, I recently did a guide for painting marble! I hope it proves to be useful.

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Painting Chipped Black Power Armour – Cypher

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Golden Throne Pathfinder (D&D) Pod cast – Season 1 Episode 4

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Golden Throne Pathfinder (D&D) Pod cast – Season 1 Episode 3

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40k Battle Report- Word Bearers Vs. Dark Angels – 1850 points.

A few days ago I had a game with my brother and we took a few videos. I have done my best to put these videos into a battle report. The video quality isn’t great, this was a test run and hopefully next time I will have a better camera!

Anyway, tips and criticism is more than welcome.


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