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Golden Throne’s guide to paint Ultramarine Power Armour

Hello guys, I have a new guide about painting Ultramarine power armour. Hope it helps!

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Ultramarines Primaris Sergeant

Primaris Sergeant done!

I do need to tidy up some of the edge highlights, but I thin he has turned out pretty well for just a rank and file chap!

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Typhus – Host of the destroyer hive

Well, It was a rush job, but I got him done in time for the new boxed set!

Looking forward to spending some quality time on the new Plague Marines! 😀

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Ultramarine Terminator Chaplain

Well, the Chaplain is finished!

I’d have liked to have had this model in metal, as the finecast version of him isn’t the greatest. I actually think recent finecast sculpts have been fine, but like so many of the old finecast models, some of the detail has been lost on this model.

Ah well, least the base looks okay! 😀

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A new Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Golden Throne has a brand new Dungeons and Dragons podcast!

Join Ben, Chris, Dan, GC, and Mike on a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure.

Chris – DM

Ben – Dwarf Warrior
Dan – Dragonborn Death Cleric
GC – Human Warrior
Mike – Tiefling Sorcerer (and villain).

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Ultramarines Captain Complete

I have completed my Space Marine Captain.

I need to finish the base (as always!) but the model is done.

This is a great model, it’s a bit of a shame I have rushed him. However I am pretty taken by the new Primaris marines. So my enthusiasm is a little low for “normal” marines.



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Ultramarine Tactical Squad Finished

I have finished the Tactical Squad!

I still need to finish the bases, but some more flock on there and all that, but they are finally complete. Hoping to have the Terminator Lord done tomorrow!

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Primaris Space Marine Captain

I’d love to have got some more time on this guy to go to town on him, but when I get my own version from the amazing new boxed set I am pretty certain I will revisit this model.

These guys are a joy to paint. You need to buy these just for the sake of painting them.

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Five man Tactical Squad done.

That’s right, five marines finished!

To break up painting the tactical marines, I am working on my Terminator Captain next.

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Another Ultramarine!

I should really have painted the plasma gun’s coils green as opposed to teal. But too late now!

I need to clean the legs up, bit of brown got on there whilst basing, but I will do that on all the models when they are finished.

That’s three done!

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