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Well, my goal to finish all three bikers may not have been reached, I have however completed the champion.

bike1 bike2 bike3 bike4



There’s a few pictures in there without the rider so people could see the bike on it’s own. I love the stretched skin over the bike seat!

I haven’t glued him to the bike yet and I need to finish the base off. Well, one down eight more to go!


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Painting Blog

Well, one more Possessed Marine finished!


I am not really that happy with the finished product because I don’t feel like I spent enough time on this guy. However I am pretty happy with the claw.


I may give myself a small break from the Possessed marines. I love the models but each one takes much longer than a regular marine because of all the extra details! I like committing to each one with as much focus as I can muster and I know in a week or so my painting time will be drastically reduced due to work!


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Painting Blog

Apologies again for the poor picture, the light is pretty bad in the north of England again!


Still, pretty happy with him. Just three more to do of these chaps and then I can either finished the remaining possessed marines I have, or the Forge World Plague marines!


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First Plague Marine finished.


Apologies for the low quality picture but the light here at the moment is not great at all.

I used some more of the nurgle rot special effects paint on this guy to get a feel for how I want to do them in future.  I also don’t like the green gloves so future minis will have black ones or red. Little too much green on the mini and sadly the rot effect doesn’t show up very well due to the quality of the picture.

Still pretty happy with him!


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Painting Blog

It’s been a while since I put brush to model due to focusing on gaming. I hadn’t played a great deal during sixth edition, and have found myself a great new club (Wardens of the North for those interested!) to really get into seventh.

Something that became glaringly obvious in my last three games was that the Chaos Codex is shit, and my army was composed largely of the shittest things in it. So in order to give myself a new edge in games I have decided to paint up some stuff that will make me slightly more competitive.

Behold, Word Bearer Plague Marines  – The Infected!


Just started the squad. These guys are some classic Plague Marines from way back in second edition (and older). I have some Forge World Plague Marines on the way too!

I wonder if I’m the first person to paint Plague Marines red?!


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