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First real possessed miniature done!

I think eventually I will paint another squad of these up but put a lot more time into each mini. To me, the possessed models epitomise what Chaos Space Marines are all about. The only part of the models I don’t like is that the odd pair of legs is a bit off or in the case of the one that is running just seem a little silly. But that’s the beauty of possessed, you can convert them loads!

posse1 posse2 posse3 posse4

Painting Blog

Very Early work in progress picture of my next Possessed Marine.

poss2 poss3
























The only thing finished here is the purple claws, everything else needs touching up, especially the metal areas and such. And the skin will be a little paler.

The concept I am trying to achieve is that these are still Chaos Marines. They share their bodies with daemons but they are still in control. So the purple is the Daemon coming through, and the skin has hints of purple in their, but essentially this is still a marine. He is still in charge (or so he thinks)!

Painting Blog

Well I finished the Possessed Champion.

possch3 possch4

After some consideration, I may eventually convert something a little more fitting than this poor excuse for a miniature. I could feel all interest in the hobby draining from me with every brush struck!

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I managed to pick up some miniatures after I made a short journey back home the other day! I was determined to find some models that I know I will be using in actual games.

I know Possessed are terrible according to the internet, but the truth is they are very relevant to Word Bearers and I reckon they can be made to work.


Eventually there will be nine in total, but I need to purchase some more to finish the squad off. The squad leader is a limited edition possessed champion from an old box set.













It is quite possibly the worst miniature ever created. It’s so bad I know I have to have it in my army! And with it being a rare limited edition model it makes it even better! What’s great about this model, is that it comes with a plasma pistol… which Possessed can’t even use!

Painting Blog

After finishing something as big as the Heldrake, whatever came next would end up being a little dull. So I decided to make a start on finishing the last ten cultists I had (knowing I need to paint at least another ten or twenty more in future!).

Here is a rather poor photo.


Painting Blog – Heldrake finished

Finally finished this monster!

I can’t say it the best miniature I have ever painted. The raised metal areas are a real pain, and the “feet” of the miniature are ridiculous. They really make the whole model deserve its nickname of “Helturkey”.

But I do like the overall shape and the the theme of the model. Pilot merged with Daemon merged with vehicle. But I think it could have been executed much better in areas. Plus the model is a real paint to glue together.

Anyway, here are some pics! I will be finishing the base later tonight.

hdf1 hdf2 hdf3 hdf4 hdf5 hdf6 hdf7 hdf8 hdf9 hdf10

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Nearly finished! I was hoping to get this done last night, but I underestimated how annoying all the raised metal areas would be to paint, so I have yet to add all the finishing touches to it. Hopefully one more night on it and the whole model should be complete!

Wonder what I should do next – Probably more cultists – sigh.


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Managed to make something of a start on the Heldrake’s body. Still early days and the spine needs more work, but the skin took me ages. All the areas with mixed flesh and piping was particularly time consuming, but at least now it is done!


This basically leaves me with the red and silver areas to do and the model should be finished. Whilst this part is annoying, it isn’t as time consuming as the flesh parts!

Painting Blog

Heldrake’s head has now been given a lick of paint. I will be touching this up as the last thing to be done. The metal work needs more depth and the eyes need a little more detail added to them. But I am so far happy with it.


I decided last night that I wanted to get the body started before I finished the head so that I could just sit and focus on it without wondering how the body would fit into the rest of the paint scheme!