Dark Imperium Challenge- Ancient

Well, this is the last model of the Dark Imperium challenge. The Ancient!


Some of the paint job here is a little ropey in places, but I am just about ready to paint something other than my Ultramarines for a while!

I have also kind of cheated, I replaced the two lieutenants with two models I preferred. But I think that’s fair enough! This was a cracking set of miniatures. Looking forward to Indomitus now!

Dark Imperium Challenge – Gravis Armoured Captain

Time is ticking on, but this is the Gravis armoured captain from Dark Imperium. Loved this model since the day it came out, so I may return to it to add some  more details at some point in the future.


Well, I have less than two weeks to get three inceptors painted, and the ancient. I replaced the lieutenants in the box with two limited edition ones.  So close!

Valerian and Aleya

I decided to take a break from Nurgle and Ultramarines and paint up the new Valerian and Aleya miniatures. I really like the books, so was keen to pop a bit of paint on them. I’ve also never painted a Custodian or a Sister of Silence, so thought it was as good a time as any!

I decided to do a little bit of NMM on the eagle on Aleya’s cloak, but since these will be gaming pieces, I just stuck with normal metals for these two.

Click for larger image.