Word Bearers Test model

I am finally getting round to painting up a new Word Bearers army.  Unlike my previous army, I really wanted to strike a more sinister, darker tone for the army.

This is the first of many models!

Recently, any Word Bearers I have painted have been characters, and I have blended the dark red and black together. This is fine for characters, however for rank and file troops it is time consuming. And for the entire army it meant there would be inconsistent shades of red across different units.

To get around this I have mixed together my own dark red for the base colour.

This is a mix of Abaddon Black and Mephiston red.  Knowing I would need a lot of it, I mix them together into one pot. So any unit I paint now will be the exact same colour as the next.

I am hoping to get the whole army done by next summer. So I foresee a lot a Word Bearers in my future!

The Dark Imperium Challenge!

Since the Indomitus box set was announced, I decided I wanted to try and get the Dark Imperium set painted before the new box, and new edition, was released.

I’d already painted some of the box, in the shape of an Intercessor squad and, I had replaced the two lieutenants with models I preferred (one of them was the official Ultramarines model, soooooo….).

Click for larger image.


Over the last few weeks and months, I managed to paint the whole box set (well, the marines at any rate). Finishing the last model today, the Ancient!

Below are the images of all the different squads and characters!

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Dark Imperium Challenge- Ancient

Well, this is the last model of the Dark Imperium challenge. The Ancient!


Some of the paint job here is a little ropey in places, but I am just about ready to paint something other than my Ultramarines for a while!

I have also kind of cheated, I replaced the two lieutenants with two models I preferred. But I think that’s fair enough! This was a cracking set of miniatures. Looking forward to Indomitus now!