The Dread Devils – Part One!

These are the first miniatures for my Blood Bowl team the “Dread Devils”. Formerly the human Blood Bowl team the “Altdorf ‘Ammers”, the whole team mysteriously died in a tragic accident whilst on a fishing trip.

After seeing an opportunity too good to pass, the necromancer (and now head coach) Olly “Gunner” Soul-Shriek brought them back from the dead, and to his stadium, the “Theatre of Screams” for pre season training!

Click for larger image.

I shall be adding squad numbers and the like when the rest of the team is painted!

Mephiston – Lord of Death

Back when I was a kid, my first ever army was Blood Angels. I had a very weird army, made up of the models from Space Crusade, and the odd metal miniature I managed to get my hands on.

Back then, 2nd Edition 40k saw the Blood Angels be the “poster boys” of the game, and everyone ran them. So I decided to go as the slightly under used chapter called Ultramarines….

Now as we all know, the Ultramarines have very much taken centre stage, but when Mephiston was released in full Primaris glory, the kid in me really wanted to paint it. So I did!

This was a really great model to paint, and whilst some of the details on him could do with a little extra work, I am happy with the result.

Rein and Raus – Heroes of the Imperium

It has been suggested in some dark corners of the galaxy that Rein and Raus are somehow no longer loyal to the Emperor, and that they may have questionable loyalties.

This is obviously “fake news”, as these two brave adventurers are on a mission to “liberate” technology in the name of the Imperium. Sure, they may end up slightly wealthier for their efforts, and they may have gone a little AWOL to do so, but no one can doubt their skill, and they are obviously the GREATEST adventurers to grace the Blackstone Fortress!