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 The Bray heard feasts! At last! 
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Post The Bray heard feasts! At last!
Gather round pilgrims, scholars and madmen, and hear tale of a clash of dark forces. Witness such as to drive a man to the edge and be grateful to go over the edge, knowing what monsters and horrors wait out in tthe forests and wastes of the world. Be grateful for the watchmen and cannon that keep them from your door this night, for now at least......

A battle between myself and our General Misdemeanor of 2250 pts from mid December. Things been a bit mad since with the arrival of a new daughter, who is currently sleepin on me at 4am as I write this up!
We rolled Battle of the pass, and was the first time I have played this. Usually we just go for pitched battles and have at it! this wud be an intersting clash with no room to manouvre, on my side at least! After their recent (total) lack of success and with more points to play with than ever before I went with a Doombull, two hand weapons, and armoured him up with heavyarmour, a gnarled hide and ramhorns, giving him a 2+ save and an attack for each save passed. I had come to fear the WoC with great weapons and deadly champions. And then a unit of 40 Bestigor in horde. Another first for me, GM having given me 30 of them for my birthdat the month before. So added to my own small unit gave me a real punch to go toe to hoof with the enemy. This explains the split paint job on them wen u see them below. A large unit of gor, another 15 to ambush, some raiders, ungor unit with spears, a spawn and Ghorgon (current kill tally: 1 saurus). A lvl 2 bray shaman with a feedback scroll and lore of death was my magical support. I had 4 Minotaurs to but these odidnt get a chance t do anything in the end.
GM took his pretty regular set up with a few extra warriors and another unit now equipped with halberds. Marks and items remained unchanged for him however.

I finished ddployment first and won first turn, the arcane ruin was something fairly useless and the wood in my zone ate a few dogs but cudnt b bothered t move much.
So first thing was first was to move forward away from that damn wood! The whole army basically just advanced where they cud, my new dogs leaping out and followed by the Ghorgon on fhe left. Both my ambushers were still getting into position, the raiders never turned up in the end, they must have gotten properly lost....
The magic saw the brayshaman cast Caress of Laniph on the Slannesh champ, however despite a decent roll for hits no daamage was done, clearly a lustful spectre is no more than a quiet night in to a devotee to the Dark Prince, he just got slimy and smiled a bit.
Shooting was out of range.
The chaos started by also a general advance and GMs 3 unit of hounds went many places with the backup of the marauders. His sorceror caused the Bestigor and Doombull to slow t 1d6 movement. No charge for me. A magic missile killed a few bestigor. So far no WoC had fallen. That needed to be redressed.
My turn two saw my ambjshing Gor come up trumps and roll a 6, deploying from behind GMs line and advancing on his marauders. The Ghorgon charged some horsemen and whilst the magic phase was again uneventful the Ghorgon finally showed its potential, ripping the horse men apart and continuing into the halberd warriors. the ungors with spears saw off a hound unit and the spawn also leapt into some hounds, the surviving dogs running.
GMs turn two saw his two main units of warriors charge the bestigor. A big clash of steel and shouting ensued. The sorceror caused a wound on the Doombull with a spell as I unleashed a feedback scroll. Only 3 power dice were used and none of them bit him so that was 50pts out the window! Lol. The marauder horsemen nailed a ungor railer with a throwinf axe as he sheltered in a building.
The main event saw a challenge between the two Generals saw a wojnd on the Doombull but then the twin axes went to work and cut down the champion, but only just. The main combat saw the WoC be a bit unlucky and many were xut down both sides but the advantage went to the Beasts, and both WoC broke, the Doombulls Bloodgreed meaning I cud only pursue 1d6 and ensuring their escape. the Ghorgon stamped on 5 warriors, irolled more 1s than anything, and the halberds cut back, causing 5 wounds,almost slaying it. which theh wud next round, but at least its tally had improved somewhat.
My turn 3 saw the Bestigor charge the unit of Nurgle warriors with great weapons and the ambushing Gor manage to jump the Marauders to help out the embattled Ungors who had gotten a bit ahead of themselves. They managed to contacg and get past the 6 ogres who had about faced t head them off. The brayshaman knocked a wound off the sorceror, who wud reply in kind next turn. The bestigor again came out on top, the frenzy really adding a layer of hurt(tho means they cant roll for primal fhry and gain hatred.) Their were distinctly fewer Bestigor tho. Only 13 out of 40 eventually made it off. The spawn had been happily munching hounds but now took on the horsemen and tho it dragged two, their flails put paid to it in a welter of blood claws and screams.
The marauders were caught in a vice and many were killed, the remainder caught and killed. At last ambushing had paid dividends! The gor reformed to stare down the ogres. GM had his other two WoC units rally and these again came in for another go. By now tho the Doombull was a juggernaut tho, its bloodgreed stacks frenzy for subsequent rounds of combat won, and with a deflection attack from the ramhorns was up to 9 S6 attacks. And was still on 3 wounds. The beastmen held again, I passed a fair few saves on 6s, which is a novelty for Beastmen line troops. the ogres barreled kn and the Gor passed their Primal Fury, and dragged down an ogre for a few lost in return, their T4 keeping them from the worst. It was a draw! The halberd warriors kept on the flank, picking on my warhounds and turning them into former-hound chunks with no difficulty. At the end of turn four a look around saw the WoC mostly broken, the ogres were still a force but the minotaurs were bearing down on their rear/flank and wud likely be in next turn, whilst the warriors on the other flank were all but spent against the Bestigor. By attacking as one unit they had seen off numerically and individually superior Warriors, aided by the doombull who had dealt with two exalted champs. Totalling in standards and dead generals etc, the day belonged to the Children of Chaos! The herdstone would see much celebrating and its first victory runes added to the glory of Fra'Gak the 40 bestigor.

File comment: The Beastmen line up in front of the Dark coffe make, Toaster of Doom and Kettle of Magic.
2013-12-19_14-28-34_994.jpg [ 1.33 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: The Beastmen left flank
2013-12-19_15-38-43_112.jpg [ 1.79 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: The WoC arrayed
2013-12-19_15-38-52_924.jpg [ 1.45 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: The battlelines close
2013-12-19_16-02-52_155.jpg [ 1.6 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: Get in my belly!
2013-12-19_16-03-20_772.jpg [ 1.56 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: Clash! Death!
2013-12-19_16-25-45_121.jpg [ 1.65 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]
File comment: The centre turns into a swirling melee
2013-12-19_16-53-04_775.jpg [ 1.67 MiB | Viewed 7412 times ]

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