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Master of Possession

The master of Possessions is finally done. Well, nearly. I need to do more with his base and tidy up the back pack and cloak. But he is done. I am pretty happy with this paint job, and it is a really amazing model. It has “Word Bearers” written all over it… not you… literally… but well, you get my point.

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Master of Possessions – WIP – 4

I am nearing the end on this amazing miniature. I still have to finish his staff and belt buckle, and tidy the robes up here and there. After that it’s the back pack and done!

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Master of Possessions – WIP 3

Work continues!

Quite a lot left to do, but a couple of pics!


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Master of Possessions – WIP 2

Work continues on the Master of Possessions. This is a brilliant model, but very tricky with all the details!

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Master of Possessions – WIP1

I have done some more work on this guy. I spent most of the time deciding on colour compositions so it’s been slow going. Hoping to get a chunk more done today though!

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Fur and feet

So I am starting my Word Bearers all over again. My old miniatures have pretty much been put into retirement. I have been waiting for a new Chaos Space Marine range for a long time, and my old Word Bearers had varying levels of painting quality.

This time round I hope to try and have a consistent paint scheme and quality of painting.

So, it is starting with the Master of Possessions. This is such a great miniature, and it’s whole role is extremely Word Bearer-like.

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Kor Phaeron – The Master of the Faith

Kor Phaeron is finished, and here is a pic of his good self and Erebus representing! 😀

(click for bigger image)

I am not entirely sure I am that keen on their bases, or the scenic base. Nothing wrong with it, just not sure it fits my other Word Bearers.

Here is some pics of Kor Phareon on his own. I love how this guy walks into his suit of terminator armour, and the contrast between the heretical red armour and the loyalist grey is pretty damn sweet.

My own real issue with this model is the face. It looks like he has had a stroke. This may actually be intentional. His creaking body has been pumped full of so many drugs and undergone so many surgeries, that his features represent that. But it doesn’t look sinister, it just looks a bit derpy. Other than that, I am pleased with these two. Loads of the detail is difficult to pick out on these models, and I think I managed to get away with it!

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Kor Phaeron – WIP 2

Not had much time for painting recently, but I am plodding along as best I can with Kor Phaeron.

I am very glad they changed their colour scheme during the heresy, finding this grey armour a little dull to paint! 😀

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Kor Phaeron – WIP 1

Bit of work done on Kor Phaeron. You can probably tell I prefer the Erebus miniature. But He is still a bad ass character! 😀

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High Chaplain Erebus

The best character in all of 30k is finished! High Chaplain Erebus!


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