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Kor Phaeron – WIP 1

Bit of work done on Kor Phaeron. You can probably tell I prefer the Erebus miniature. But He is still a bad ass character! 😀

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Erebus – WIP 3

I didn’t really get any painting done on this guy this weekend, stupid stomach, but I got some bits done here and there. Nearly done! Face was crazy to paint!

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Erebus WIP -2

Work in Progress of Erebus! I need to fix the flame on his right leg, and I need to tidy up the symbols on the script, but waiting till more of the model is put together to do any final work.

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Erebus – Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers

I have had little time to paint recently, but I have done a small about on Erebus!

I don’t like the flame on his right leg, I am going to try and re work that into something more suitable to the best character in 40k (30k?!?)

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Kill Team Sergeant Bennius

I have had to phone this guy in a little, as the Kill Team tournament I am taking part in is looming, and I still need to build 80% of the Kill Team, let alone paint them!

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Ultramarines Kill Team Sergeant

I am soon to be taking part in a Kill Team tournament, and whilst I don’t realistically expect to have painted up the whole team in time for it, I am trying to at least get the leader done!

I present, Sergeant Bennius Norrisium!

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Classic Iyanden Farseer

I have finished this classic Farseer model.

I was tempted to do a little freehand on this guy, but the understated nature of the mini is what I loved about it, so I have decided to leave it as is.


I love Iyanden Eldar!


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Classic Farseer WIP – 2

Nearly finished this chap. I need to finish the rune he is holding in his left hand, and I may add some freehand somewhere to his robes. I am in two minds about this though, as one of the reasons I like this model is because it is so clean and tidy.

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Classic Eldar Farseer – WIP 1

Just started on this chap.

Been wanting to paint this for ages. Such a great little sculpt despite its age!

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Azrael, Supreme Grand Master

This has been a a bit of a trial to paint. It’s such a classic mini, and it’s an amazing sculpt. But the fact that it is in metal meant I struggled with it. I know some people who love their metal models, but I definitely prefer plastic!


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