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Primaris Reiver

I need to tidy up a few bits, but I thought I would snap a pic or two this guy.

He is pretty much done. That’s two out of five of this squad done. Slowly building my Primaris force!

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Primaris Intercessors

I have finished my second squad of Primaris Intercessors.

(Click for larger image)

This squad has been painted in a pretty quick manner, as I want to use it for Kill Team, and I was meant to have finished it in October. I need to paint up four more Reivers then my roster is complete!

Pics of individual models.

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Fourth Primaris Ultramarine

Another quick Primaris Marine done. I spent a little more time on the face, as it’s the focal point, but managed to do the rest pretty quickly!

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Reiver Sergeant

Another quick Ultramarine done!

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Primaris Ultramarines

I have been painting some Ultramarines recently. I try and hit a nice middle ground with these between decent paint job and table top quality. Happy with the results! These both took me a little over a day to do. (Which is fast for me! )


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Obsidian Mallex

Obsidian Mallex is now complete!

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Obsidius Mallex – WIP 2

I began this model some time ago, but I started getting pretty unwell literally as I sat there painting him, and haven’t touched the mini for about three months.

After spending some time recovering , I have finally got round to him again.

To be honest, you can tell I was a little ropey, as I am not particularly happy with the front of the model. But The cloak and the back of him doesn’t look too bad!

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Legion of the Damned Squad Complete

My small Legion of the Damned Squad is now complete!

I’m pretty happy with how these guys have turned out, there’s a lot more I could do with them, but I at least this project is complete!


(Click for larger image)

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Painting Bone Guide

I recently did a guide on painting bone. There’s a number of ways to paint bone, based on how old or how dirty you want the bone to be, but this is the scheme I went with when painting my legion of the damned models.

This isn’t a very difficult technique, and you could definitely go further with it.

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Fourth Legion of the Damned marine

The painting quality is pretty awful on this guy, but he is done, just one more to go and that’s the first of many projects completed!

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