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Limited Edition Ultramarines Captain – WIP

Quickly working on the fantastic Primairs Captain. It’s a super nice model!


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First Intercessor Squad Complete

I have managed to complete the first five man Intercessor squad.

My guess is that I will probably add to this squad now the codex is out and they are capable of full ten man squads.

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Primaris Intercessor Number Four

Fourth down, one to go!

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WIP Intercessor

I haven’t posted a WIP pic of these guy for a while, so this is the fourth of the five man squad I am working on.

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Third Intercessor Complete!

Three down two to go! Hoping to have a squad done by the start of the Fate of Konor campaign.

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Primaris Space Marine

I have quickly finished another Primaris Marine to go alongside his sergeant. The lenses on his helmet could do with a little more work, but, but pretty happy with this chap for a quick job!

I want to get these done to a decent standard, but I don’t want to spend much too long on them. I tend to paint one every now and then between other minis.

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Golden Throne’s guide to paint Ultramarine Power Armour

Hello guys, I have a new guide about painting Ultramarine power armour. Hope it helps!

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Ultramarines Primaris Sergeant

Primaris Sergeant done!

I do need to tidy up some of the edge highlights, but I thin he has turned out pretty well for just a rank and file chap!

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Primaris Sergeant WIP – Part three!

Well, I tried my best to get him done in a day, but the heat is too much!

Still, he aint looking too bad. Hoping to try and get one guy done a day. And then spend some time on the captain. I think i may have to paint a Death Guard model after this chap though, just to get it out of my system! 😀

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More Primaris WIP

Another quick pic of the Primaris I am working on.

It’s sooo hot that painting is damn near impossible. 🙁

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