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Thousand Sons Complete

First five Rubricae are done!

Here is a pic of the bases before I put the Minis on them too.

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Fourth Rubricae done!

I need to do one more of these fellas then I will do their bases. It will be a squad of ten, but the lack of decals and base is driving me a bit mad!

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Fourth Rubricae WIP

Working on the fourth member of the Rubricae squad.

Still working on that fine line between quality and speed.

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Third Rubricae complete!

The third Rubricae in the squad is complete. Feel free to ignore the base, I am doing lave/rock bases for them all at the same time, so wont get done till the squad is complete.

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Thousand Son WIP

I always want to spend more time on my Thousand Sons than I should. They are just troops after all but I love em!

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Rubric Sorcerer Completed

Assuming you ignore the base (which will be completed when the entire squad is done), then the Sorcerer for my Rubric Marines is finished!

That’s two down, eight to go!

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Rubric Marine Sorcerer – Work in Progress

This is the latest Rubric model I am working on, the leader for my squad.

Still have some way to go. Need to do his backpack and cloak. Base and shoulder pads will be finished when the entire squad is complete.

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Thousand Sons Rubric Marine

So the paint job on this guy is done.

The base and the legion symbol/squad markings will be done when the whole squad is finished so that I can do them all at once.


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Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerer

Finished the first of two Exalted Sorcerers.

No idea what’s next. Logic would say the second Exalted Sorcerer but who knows! 😀

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Exalted Sorcerer – now with added arm!

I need a new camera!


Nearly there now!

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