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Redemptor Kyrinov Complete

Well, Kyrinov is done!

There’s loads more you could do with a mini like this, the robes are begging for more freehand but this is essentially a gaming piece and I didn’t want to go over the top.

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Moar Kyrinov!

He aint finished!

A quick update on Kyrinov. I don’t intend to spend much time on this guy, but since the face is the focal point of any mini, I try and spend a little more time on it.

I have managed to blend the stubble and beard into the skin, and fixed the stark contrast between the shading and the highlighting. I may do a small pattern on his white robes, but I think there is a lot going on already in that regard with the model. Just have to see!

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More Kyrinov Work in Progress

Managed to do a little more on Kyrinov yesterday.

I still need to finish the face off, the highlights and shades are too stark, and need tidying up.

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Kyrinov WIP

In a departure from painting only blue marines, I have decided to paint up this amazing model!

I have only really finished the purple robes, everything else is work in progress, but thought I would share!

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Sisters of Battle Canoness

Recently finished my Sisters of Battle Canoness!

Happy with the sword and the face. The armour hasn’t turned out as well as i’d like, but I find it difficult to edge highlight such delicate metal parts.


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