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Master of Possessions – WIP 2

Work continues on the Master of Possessions. This is a brilliant model, but very tricky with all the details!

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Master of Possessions – WIP1

I have done some more work on this guy. I spent most of the time deciding on colour compositions so it’s been slow going. Hoping to get a chunk more done today though!

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Fur and feet

So I am starting my Word Bearers all over again. My old miniatures have pretty much been put into retirement. I have been waiting for a new Chaos Space Marine range for a long time, and my old Word Bearers had varying levels of painting quality.

This time round I hope to try and have a consistent paint scheme and quality of painting.

So, it is starting with the Master of Possessions. This is such a great miniature, and it’s whole role is extremely Word Bearer-like.

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I need to tidy this chap up a little, much like the previous Reiver. The edge highlights on his shin  and legs are a little ropy. But I am getting these done pretty fast!

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Primaris Reiver

I need to tidy up a few bits, but I thought I would snap a pic or two this guy.

He is pretty much done. That’s two out of five of this squad done. Slowly building my Primaris force!

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Primaris Intercessors

I have finished my second squad of Primaris Intercessors.

(Click for larger image)

This squad has been painted in a pretty quick manner, as I want to use it for Kill Team, and I was meant to have finished it in October. I need to paint up four more Reivers then my roster is complete!

Pics of individual models.

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Fourth Primaris Ultramarine

Another quick Primaris Marine done. I spent a little more time on the face, as it’s the focal point, but managed to do the rest pretty quickly!

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Reiver Sergeant

Another quick Ultramarine done!

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Primaris Ultramarines

I have been painting some Ultramarines recently. I try and hit a nice middle ground with these between decent paint job and table top quality. Happy with the results! These both took me a little over a day to do. (Which is fast for me! )


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Obsidian Mallex

Obsidian Mallex is now complete!

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