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Word Bearers Terminator Sorcerer

I’ve spent some time today working on my Word Bearers Sorcerer.

The level on detail on this models face is amazing. I feel like I haven’t quite done it justice, but I may buy a second one of these just for the face alone.

The guy is leaning forward a little int he pic, this is due to the pose of the model. straight on he looks like this! 😀

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Malagor the Dark Omen

I have quickly painted up Malagor the Dark Omen.

Not spent any crazy time on him, but he is for gaming with more than anything. The leader of my Beastmen army!

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More Beastman Shaman Work in Progress

More pics. He is nearly finished, need to do something with his talons and his face. But I had to slightly re sculpt the face and it shows. 🙁

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Beastman Bray Shaman Work in Progress

Quickly working on a Bray Shaman.

I’ve been pretty sick the last week or so, done zero hobby. Wanted to quickly paint up this guy just to add some variety to my projects.

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Zombie Dragon Work in Progress

Trying to paint my Zombie Dragon but it’s so big it’s difficult to take photos of it. Here is the rough colour blocking I have done on the front legs and neck/head area.

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Kyrinov WIP

In a departure from painting only blue marines, I have decided to paint up this amazing model!

I have only really finished the purple robes, everything else is work in progress, but thought I would share!

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First Intercessor Squad Complete

I have managed to complete the first five man Intercessor squad.

My guess is that I will probably add to this squad now the codex is out and they are capable of full ten man squads.

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Primaris Intercessor Number Four

Fourth down, one to go!

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WIP Intercessor

I haven’t posted a WIP pic of these guy for a while, so this is the fourth of the five man squad I am working on.

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Third Intercessor Complete!

Three down two to go! Hoping to have a squad done by the start of the Fate of Konor campaign.

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