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Third Shadespire Skeleton

Third Skelemans is finished!

I completed this guy a few days or so ago, but migraines and photography do not mix. 😐

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Shadespire Skeleton Number two!

This is the second Skelemans completed! Fairly quick going, like the first one, but these are great  minis! 😀

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Orruk Shaman

I recently finished an Orruk Shaman.

I haven’t had chance to paint much recently, but he turned out okay.

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Orc Work in Progress part two!

Not had anything like enough time to paint recently, feeling very rusty, and it shows. However I have enjoyed playing with skin tone on this fella so far!

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Orruk Shaman WIP

Not had much time for painting recently, but I recently managed to get the base colours down on this Orruk Shaman.

It’s a great model, hoping I can do it justice in the small time I have!

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Thousand Sons Complete

First five Rubricae are done!

Here is a pic of the bases before I put the Minis on them too.

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Fourth Rubricae done!

I need to do one more of these fellas then I will do their bases. It will be a squad of ten, but the lack of decals and base is driving me a bit mad!

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Fourth Rubricae WIP

Working on the fourth member of the Rubricae squad.

Still working on that fine line between quality and speed.

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Third Rubricae complete!

The third Rubricae in the squad is complete. Feel free to ignore the base, I am doing lave/rock bases for them all at the same time, so wont get done till the squad is complete.

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Thousand Son WIP

I always want to spend more time on my Thousand Sons than I should. They are just troops after all but I love em!

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