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Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights

I have finished Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights.

There is a video painting guide for the marble base coming very soon!

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Grand Master Voldus – Final Work in Progress

Probably the worst paint job I’ve done for a number of years.

My heart hasn’t been in this. There is nothing wrong with the model, it’s great. I just have millions of other projects to do, and this guy was started purely to finish the box set off. Last time I make that mistake.

I will be giving him a scenic base in order to do a tutorial on painting marble.

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Grand Master Voldus Work in Progress

Been working on Voldus. This is a quick run through, so sadly I am not doing the miniature justice. But I wanted to complete the Triumvirate box set before starting something else.

Still, not looking too bad.

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Cypher – The Fallen Angel

Cypher is finished!

Not only did I paint this guy up, I also did a video of how I painted the black armour.

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Cypher Work In Progress – Nearly done!

He is nearly complete. I need to paint his second pistol, and finish off the cloak and sword, but I am hoping that wont take me all day!

His base may have to be a standard boring base. Time is not on my side.

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Cypher Work in Progress – Now with added stubble

Given the association (or not?) of Clint Eastwood and Cypher, I had to try and give him some stubble, and a faint look of the man.

So far I am pretty happy with how this chap is coming along. I do plan on dirtying the robes up, but I will do them all at the same time.


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Cyphoot (?) the fallen Angel (Shoe?) WIP

Love me some of them puns.

Started Cypher last night.

I don’t normally paint black in the way I am doing right now, but I am trying to follow the look of the model a little. So yeah, hopefully iy wont all end in tears!

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Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines

He’s done!

I am happy with this chap. He only took a little over three days from building to completion and I think he turned out okay. I phoned the base in a little. The marble head looks cool, but the rest was a rush job. It was 11:30pm, and I just wanted him done.

I may return to the sword and the flames in the future, just to sort them out, but now, it’s time for Cypher!


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Final Work in Progress pic of Roboute

I still need to clean up the sword and that whole arm completely but I am dying a little bit!

I have moaned a bit about this chap, but considering he’s taken me just over two days so far he’s turned out okay.

I need to finish his base and then take a proper picture. Hopefully tomorrow!

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Roboute’s Flaming Sword

Just working on his sword.

Trying to go for a slightly darker flame to off set the bright white on the shoulder pads on the Ultramarine logo on the other Pauldron.

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