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Cypher – The Fallen Angel

Cypher is finished!

Not only did I paint this guy up, I also did a video of how I painted the black armour.

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Cypher Work In Progress – Nearly done!

He is nearly complete. I need to paint his second pistol, and finish off the cloak and sword, but I am hoping that wont take me all day!

His base may have to be a standard boring base. Time is not on my side.

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Painting Chipped Black Power Armour – Cypher

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Cypher Work in Progress – Now with added stubble

Given the association (or not?) of Clint Eastwood and Cypher, I had to try and give him some stubble, and a faint look of the man.

So far I am pretty happy with how this chap is coming along. I do plan on dirtying the robes up, but I will do them all at the same time.


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40k Battle Report- Word Bearers Vs. Dark Angels – 1850 points.

A few days ago I had a game with my brother and we took a few videos. I have done my best to put these videos into a battle report. The video quality isn’t great, this was a test run and hopefully next time I will have a better camera!

Anyway, tips and criticism is more than welcome.


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Space Marines!

Okay, so here we have the new Devastators and the Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain.

11110500_10153238609086609_5533486877430002819_n 11227602_10153238609041609_7746786766850752574_n

sm1 sm2 sm3 sm4 sm5 sm6



These all look cool, as Marines usually do!

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