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Knight Desecrator – WIP 5

Even though I have got a lot of this guy done now, I still need to paint the top panels properly, and then I need to do the shoulder pads. I am still to come up with a “house” logo, and I am not sure how best to do all the markings all over him.  Anyway, here are some pics so far.

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Knight Desecrator – WIP 4

Not had loads of time to work on the Knight recently, but I have started the metal work on the gun arm. I am still mulling over the heraldry. I have an idea for it, but I need to sketch it out and then do a few dry runs of painting it.

Click for larger image.
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Knight Desecrator – WIP 3

So this is the big guy so far. Still very much a work in progress, I am happy with the colour scheme in general, but I am basically thinking about the livery and such like. Thinking along the lines of something ghostly, but not sure.

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Knight Desecrator – WIP 2

Well, taking pics of semi built and painted Chaos Knights is a little dull. But I have made a start on his head. I need to tidy up the OSL glow from the eyes, and paint his teeth and such, but it’s a cool head.

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Knight Desecrator – WIP 1

I am currently working on a Knight Desecrator. I am not very comfortable with painting big models, but this miniature was too good an opportunity to miss.

I am still working on the paint scheme, I really want to go for a very dark and haunted scheme, but everything is open at the moment. I am literally winging it.

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