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Abaddon is still slowly getting finished. I get such amazing “Horus” vibes from this miniature. It’s amazing.


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Abaddon WIP 2

Today’s progress on the Warmaster!

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Abaddon – WIP 1

Next project on the painting table is Abaddon.  Not only is this guy an iconic figure in the 40k lore, but his new model is very very sweet. I couldn’t resist!

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Obsidian Mallex

Obsidian Mallex is now complete!

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Obsidius Mallex – WIP 2

I began this model some time ago, but I started getting pretty unwell literally as I sat there painting him, and haven’t touched the mini for about three months.

After spending some time recovering , I have finally got round to him again.

To be honest, you can tell I was a little ropey, as I am not particularly happy with the front of the model. But The cloak and the back of him doesn’t look too bad!

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Obsidius Mallex – WIP 1

I am lucky enough to have got my hands on the new Chaos Lord, and decided to paint him up as Black Legion. I will very likely be painting this guy up for my Word Bearers too at some point.

Loads to do yet, lot of tidying up and such, but not too bad so far. Gorgeous model, so cool to be getting some unaligned Chaos models! 😀

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