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Five man Tactical Squad done.

That’s right, five marines finished!

To break up painting the tactical marines, I am working on my Terminator Captain next.

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Another Ultramarine!

I should really have painted the plasma gun’s coils green as opposed to teal. But too late now!

I need to clean the legs up, bit of brown got on there whilst basing, but I will do that on all the models when they are finished.

That’s three done!

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Ultramarines! Both finished and work in progress!

Working on some Ultramarines still.

Here is a finished chap.

And here are two I am just finishing.

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Ultramarine Sergeant

I have recently (foolishly) agreed to take part in the Tale of Warlords event that is occurring in White Dwarf. I chose to restart my Ultramarines! This was for two reasons. One – Guilleman. Enough said. Two – They are pretty easy to paint.  This means I can churn them out at a reasonable speed and the new models can replace my very very old ones! 😀

This is the first of them, the squad sergeant.

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Golden Throne’s Painting Guide for Marble

Hello guys, I recently did a guide for painting marble! I hope it proves to be useful.

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Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights

I have finished Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights.

There is a video painting guide for the marble base coming very soon!

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Grand Master Voldus – Final Work in Progress

Probably the worst paint job I’ve done for a number of years.

My heart hasn’t been in this. There is nothing wrong with the model, it’s great. I just have millions of other projects to do, and this guy was started purely to finish the box set off. Last time I make that mistake.

I will be giving him a scenic base in order to do a tutorial on painting marble.

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Grand Master Voldus Work in Progress

Been working on Voldus. This is a quick run through, so sadly I am not doing the miniature justice. But I wanted to complete the Triumvirate box set before starting something else.

Still, not looking too bad.

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Cypher – The Fallen Angel

Cypher is finished!

Not only did I paint this guy up, I also did a video of how I painted the black armour.

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Cypher Work In Progress – Nearly done!

He is nearly complete. I need to paint his second pistol, and finish off the cloak and sword, but I am hoping that wont take me all day!

His base may have to be a standard boring base. Time is not on my side.

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