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Death Guard WIP part two!

Little more done to this guy, specifically the dirtying up of the armour!

I plan on doing some free hand on his cloak thing, so will return to it later on.

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Death Guard Wip

First Death Guard Work in Progress pics.

Nothing amazing so far. Just the basics on the model done. Seriously enjoying painting this chap.

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Golden Throne’s guide to paint Ultramarine Power Armour

Hello guys, I have a new guide about painting Ultramarine power armour. Hope it helps!

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Ultramarines Primaris Sergeant

Primaris Sergeant done!

I do need to tidy up some of the edge highlights, but I thin he has turned out pretty well for just a rank and file chap!

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Primaris Sergeant WIP – Part three!

Well, I tried my best to get him done in a day, but the heat is too much!

Still, he aint looking too bad. Hoping to try and get one guy done a day. And then spend some time on the captain. I think i may have to paint a Death Guard model after this chap though, just to get it out of my system! 😀

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More Primaris WIP

Another quick pic of the Primaris I am working on.

It’s sooo hot that painting is damn near impossible. 🙁

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Primaris Sergeant WIP

Very quick post to show I am working on the new Primaris Marines!

Video coming soon too!

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Typhus – Host of the destroyer hive

Well, It was a rush job, but I got him done in time for the new boxed set!

Looking forward to spending some quality time on the new Plague Marines! 😀

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Typhus Work in Progress

I’m quickly working on a colour scheme for the Deathguard in the Dark Imperium boxed set. However, I don’t have Dark Imperium yet, so I decided to use Typhus as a test model!


This has been quite an interesting project for me, as I am usually a “clean” painter. So having to dirty up the mini has been interesting. Still nto sure about the grime yet. I may also add some goo to him.

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Venerable Dreadnought – speed painting in one day!

I set myself a task yesterday. I wanted to get the below Dreadnought finished by the end of the day.

It isn’t amazing, and lets be honest, it could do with a great deal more work, but it was either paint it fast, or leave it to languish unpainted forever!

Next Ultramarine thing I should be painting will be Primaris Marines!


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