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WIP Intercessor

I haven’t posted a WIP pic of these guy for a while, so this is the fourth of the five man squad I am working on.

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Third Intercessor Complete!

Three down two to go! Hoping to have a squad done by the start of the Fate of Konor campaign.

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Rubric Sorcerer Completed

Assuming you ignore the base (which will be completed when the entire squad is done), then the Sorcerer for my Rubric Marines is finished!

That’s two down, eight to go!

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Rubric Marine Sorcerer – Work in Progress

This is the latest Rubric model I am working on, the leader for my squad.

Still have some way to go. Need to do his backpack and cloak. Base and shoulder pads will be finished when the entire squad is complete.

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Primaris Space Marine

I have quickly finished another Primaris Marine to go alongside his sergeant. The lenses on his helmet could do with a little more work, but, but pretty happy with this chap for a quick job!

I want to get these done to a decent standard, but I don’t want to spend much too long on them. I tend to paint one every now and then between other minis.

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Thousand Sons Rubric Marine

So the paint job on this guy is done.

The base and the legion symbol/squad markings will be done when the whole squad is finished so that I can do them all at once.


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Death Guard Complete

Well, I may take some slightly better photos later on, but this guy is finished!

Not sure what to do next. I have a few armies on the boil at the moment and it’s really distracting!

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Death Guard banner WIP

I wanted to try and recreate the banner below…

…Into his cloak thing on this guys back.

Not sure how well it goes across on the model. But I wanted him to have a memento from the Heresy. Harking back to his “glory days”.

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Death Guard WIP – part four!

Nearly done!

I doubt I will finish this guy today. I was hoping to, but got quite got enough time.

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Death Guard WIP – part three

Little more work done to him. I am hoping to have this chap finished today!

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