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Lord of Blights

Finished a Lord of Blights for my Maggotkin army.

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NMM Stormcast Eternal using Contrast Paints

Finished the NMM Stormcast Eternal in time for the Contrast paint launch tomorrow!
I have really phoned in some parts of him, his weapon is conveniently pointing face down, so I could get away with being a little more relaxed with the painting.
Once again, thanks to hobby god Darren Latham for the guide and the encouragement!
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Blight King Seven

More Blight King goodness!

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Sixth Blight King

The next squad of Blight Kings is under way! Still enjoying these minis, they are so full of character.

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Harlequin Solitaire

Some time ago I was asked for some help coming up with a paint scheme for Harlequins which didn’t use the diamonds or crazy patterns. I half painted this chap, and just left him alone.

I decided to return to him today and just tidied him up for a bit. I added a small pattern to his hood, and touched up some highlights, but I really just wanted to get him done!

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Marneus Calgar and Victrix Guard

I have finished Marneus Calgar and his Victrix Guard. I love all these models, but especially the Victrix Guard. I am really hoping they make a box set with more of these in them. They are fantastic to paint!

Click for larger image.

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Victrix Guard

This is the first of Marenus Calgar’s Victrix guard.

I love these models, whilst Marneus is also cool, I just really like the Victrix Guard!

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Marneus Calgar. Chapter Master of the Ultramarines

I recently painted up Marneus Calgar. I spent about twelve hours on the whole thing. And whilst it may be a little rough around the edges, I am pretty happy with how he turned out.

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Abaddon the Despoiler

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Abaddon the Despoiler – Warmaster of Chaos

Abaddon is complete. I may still go back to him and fix his belt and add some more battle damage, but I am pretty happy with how he has turned out!

I also recorded a pretty cheesy video of him, was fun to make.

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